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The potential to help motivate, shape, boost and evolve a team’s morale and best practices are often huge driving points for many sales managers. Building a solid infrastructure for your team to follow is in our eyes essential for ongoing prosperous success in sales.

So what key areas should you be aware of when optimising your sales team?

Laying your foundations

When looking at ways to improve your sales team, you must first observe and audit their
current performance. This will help you quickly and thoroughly identify current sales
processes that are either working or hindering your sales results.

Getting the right people on board

Although this step seems relatively straight forward, it is often quite the opposite - In fact it is
one of, if not the most important steps to consider when looking to maximise your sales
teams performance.

When looking for a candidate, it is important to consider their current knowledge, experience
and most importantly drive. Although hiring on a proven track record seems like the obvious
decision it isn't always the correct one.

Upon selecting a candidate, it is important to ensure they have access to the right levels of
training and coaching. Encouragement to actively learn new and adaptive skills will
ultimately play a big role in your team's success.

Identify performance gaps

Upon your initial observations and team audit, you would have likely identified performance
gaps within your sales force. Identifying and rectifying these quickly is essential in order to
obtain your teams full sales potential.

Ensuring your sales process is correctly aligned with your customer journey is also
important. Another great way to prevent future performance gaps can often be as simple as
cultivating the right high-performance culture, ensuring team members are transparent,
accountable and proactive at all times.

Maintaining a good culture

As previously touched upon above, investing in high energy, proactive and accountable
team members will undoubtedly help to produce a more productive culture within your sales
force. More often than not, successful sales organisations inhibit the following:

  • Frequent training, coaching and mentoring
  • Frequent feedback and communication
  • Frequent praise and recognition
  • Great incentives for achieving success
  • Respect and integrity
  • Self-accountability and a desire to sell

At Sandler Training Oxford, we offer multiple sales training courses specifically designed to
help guide, supervise and coach sales managers just like yourself in achieving these results.

From communication to time management and project management, our training aids,
courses and free online resource materials are readily available to help you hire, train and
optimise your sales team for higher levels of success.

For further insights and tips on sales, sales management and leadership topics, why not take
a look at our latest blog articles. If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact us
here - we look forward to hearing from you.

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