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With many businesses and organisations now adapting their processes in light of the coronavirus outbreak, many employers and employees are now having to work remotely whilst the UK is in lockdown. This new way of working for many may feel more challenging to some which is why we thought we would share a series of tips to help you and your team make the most out of working remotely during these testing and uncertain times.

1. Ensure you have a designated place to work

When working remotely, it is very important to setup a designated workspace, this will not only help you focus, it will also allow you to avoid any day to day distractions that frequently occur in your home. From a mental perspective, a designated office also provides a room for you to pick up and drop work related thoughts.

2. Get dressed as if you were going to work

This one may sound a little obvious, however it can be very tempting to remain in your pajama's all day if you know no one will be able to see you. However we strongly advise against this, getting dressed in your normal work attire will help maintain your focus through the day, whilst giving you a routine - much like making the bed.

 3. Write down a to-do list daily

Before starting the day, make sure you give yourself some time to write down a list of tasks you need to complete. When writing your daily list out, it is important to ensure the objectives planned are SMART, this means making them- Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reasonable and Timely to ensure they are remain achievable within your day.

4. Maintain conversation with colleagues 

Just because you can no longer have a chat in the office doesn't mean you should seize all communications with your colleagues. We highly recommend you continue to engage with them in team emails and virtual chat applications such as Google Hangouts, Zoom and Slack. Not only is this a great way to stay informed, it also allows you to have a break.

 4. Know when to have a rest

Working from home can most definitely cause the lines to blur between personal and work time - surprisingly, one of the biggest problems most employers tend to have is employee burnout. This issue tends to occur when the mental switches of lunch and leaving the office are removed. Knowing when to step away from your desk is not only incredibly important for your health and mental wellbeing, it has also been proven to help boost productivity.

Keeping this advice in mind when working remotely should help you not only work more productively, but also with a better mindset. Interested in discovering more tips and advice on how to boost your sales team's moral? Why not read our previous article here.

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