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Anneli Thomson, Managing Director, Sandler Uk

Leaders no longer have the luxury of avoiding change. What was your most recent successful change in your organisation? Which recent change did not go so well?

Prospects make buying decisions emotionally; they justify these decisions intellectually. To further understand this concept, it helps to know who is making the decisions and who is justifying the decisions.

Most businesses need to sell. We would all love to be the next Apple - the company who manages to attract customers to it, but most of us will always need to do some outbound sales. Owners and Directors tell me that they get most of their business by referrals - this is great!

Referrals are most definitely the most effective and efficient way of growing your business. However, if you are not competent at making calls - either cold or warm ones - how well prepared are you to deal with the referrals when they come in?

You can motivate people in three ways:
Carrot, stick and goals. Carrot and stick are not long term options because either the carrot has to keep getting bigger and bigger to incentivize people to move towards it or the stick has to keep going which is tiring for all! Instead goal setting fires up our internal motivators and make us want to perform for our reasons not anyone else's.

Goals. It’s a word we hear a lot of this time of year. We all start with the best intentions but come the summer, if we’ve not started working on our goals, most people ten to dismiss them.

You would be hard pressed to find an IFA that didn’t have a concern about RDR. Some say large swathes of the population will go without advice as a result. They are worried that getting existing - let alone - new clients to be happy about paying fees is no mean feat. Ignorance is bliss; and the times when the fees were incorporated into commission meant that what clients didn’t know didn’t hurt them. But now it’s all out in open and many IFAs are facing difficult questions.