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Management & Leadership

When a sales team isn’t hitting KPI’s or achieving goals, sometimes the explanation could be as simple as productivity. In this article, we’ll share with you a few tips to help you and your team become more productive.

With the UK now seeing many businesses and organisations return to work, sales teams across the country are being left with the following dilemma: when is the right time to return to the workplace?

Here at Sandler, we believe that good Sales Managers generally have some things in common. Find out what they are here.

Motivating your sales team is undoubtedly one of the best measures you can take as a sales manager in order to maximize results. But what actions can you take in order to boost motivation and encourage your sales team to succeed? Here we’ll share 5 tips you can implement in your organisation.

We recognise that the key to success is having a successful and highly motivated sales team. Here’s our advice to help you inspire your team members.

When I ask business leaders this above question: Does The Culture Of Your Organisation Really Matter? . . . I get mixed responses. Some say, “absolutely,” or “Its essential,” while others say, “we haven’t really thought about it,” or, “we are trying to establish a stronger culture at the moment.”

A four week series for women determined to grow their leadership skills.

The consequence of putting forward the wrong candidate can be not only financial but reputational,and have a lasting impact on the organisation, its employees and the bottom line. Shaun Thomson explains

To tackle youth unemployment we must end stalemate of who is responsible for producing school leavers equipped for working life, says Shaun Thomson.

Hiring for the first worker is an exciting milestone for any start-up, but unfortunately for many the new worker can actually end up being more a hindrance than a help.

Happy holidays...or not as the case may be. The holiday season may be upon us, but large numbers of entrepreneurial small business owners won't be taking a break. It is not they don't want time off - they simply don't feel able to step away from the business.

Anneli Thomson in Oxfordshire's Business Barometer: "Companies often tend to interview when they have an immediate vacanc to fill which means they are often only seeing what the market has to ofter at that given moment and may feel compelled to make an appointment"

September 2015 Sales Newsletter

On 23rd June 2016 Britain voted to leave the European Union. Whether you were a leave or remain voter, the country has had its say. As the political leaders jostle for position, the economy is not fairing well.

Small business owners tend to stay small because they do not install systems and processes into their business. Most owners want to hire “experienced” sales people. The mentality is to hire someone, teach them about their products and services, then expect the person to “go sell”. What’s the problem? If we hire experienced sales people, once they learn the product or service, they should be good to go, right?