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Most businesses need to sell. We would all love to be the next Apple - the company who manages to attract customers to it, but most of us will always need to do some outbound sales. Owners and Directors tell me that they get most of their business by referrals - this is great!

Referrals are most definitely the most effective and efficient way of growing your business. However, if you are not competent at making calls - either cold or warm ones - how well prepared are you to deal with the referrals when they come in?

If you not sure where to start on making your calls - here are my top 3 tips for making it work for you.

1. Make a plan

Just telling yourself you have to do more calls is not good enough. It makes it sound like an unattainable goal. Instead, pick a number you need to get done every week. If you are just starting out pick a low number and then ramp it up. This means you can tell when you have been successful.

2. Don’t manage results, manage behaviours

You cannot control if someone wants to talk to you, or if they will even be listening. Instead manage and focus on what you can control- the number of times you dial the phone. Obviously this only works as long as you have good data. Assuming you have, put into your plan only how many times you will dial the phone.

3. Have a good 30 second commercial prepared

Now I know we can only control the number of times we dial the phone, but this does not mean we should leave the rest of the call to chance! Make sure you have a professional, pain driven and succinct 30 second sound bite you can talk through about your business.

And remember, the aim of the call is only ever to set an appointment to further the conversation rather than to sell over the phone.

Take the pressure off yourself and have some fun with them… Its only talking to another human being after all!

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