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As 2019 approaches, many of us are looking at our goals and figuring out what we want from the forthcoming year. Some people are very used to setting goals and look forward to it. However, other people can approach it with trepidation and uncertainty.

Wherever you are coming from, here are 3 tips to help it go well so you can start off the year successfully!

1. Write them down. You’ve got started by thinking about it, which is wonderful. The next part is to write them down clearly with a time line attached. For example a good written goal would be to write a novel by the end of December 2018, compared to a less clear goal of to write a novel soon.

2. Don’t be afraid to be DUMB. Now we have all heard about SMART goals. But how about DUMB ones? This stands for Dream-Inspired Unrealistic Motivating and Bold goals. We need to not be afraid to write down the really big ideas because the work on these starts today!

3. Visualise it. You can do this in a number of ways. You can picture success and hold it in your mind or you can find pictures in magazines and create a vision board to have somewhere you will see every day.

Once you have these 3 things completed, you will be ready for a pretty great 2019!

Remember a Sandler Rule, “You can either be a part of your own plan or a part of someone else’s.” By setting our goals, we are taking control of what we want the year ahead to look like.

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