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Motivating your sales team is undoubtedly one of the best measures you can take as a sales manager in order to maximize results. But what actions can you take in order to boost motivation and encourage your sales team to succeed? Here we’ll share 5 tips you can implement in your organisation.

1. Provide rewards

Some individuals just need an incentive to achieve certain goals and sometimes this can be a terrific way to motivate your team. Learn about the individuals in your team and provide rewards based on what would get them to succeed. This doesn't have to be monetary, you can get creative here and even let people pick their own rewards (within reason of course).

2. Set clear KPI’s

Setting clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is a great way to motivate the team so everyone is clear about what objectives need to be met. Break it down to daily, weekly, and monthly targets to make it more attainable.

3. Improve communication within your team

Building a strong rapport with your sales team is a fantastic way to build trust and loyalty. Communicate when things are going well, recognise achievements, and even when you have to have difficult conversations, talk face to face with your employees and in return, they are sure to be more engaged.

4. Be transparent with your team

We’ve found it can help a great deal to be completely transparent with your sales team. Open up with them on how sales are going, what's maybe not working as well, and what needs to be improved. Share the big picture with your team so that everyone is on board with the goals and long term plans for the company. This will provide affirmation to your team and also boost engagement as employees will feel more involved in the wider business.

5. Create the right work environment for your team

The work environment for your team can play a pivotal role in terms of productivity and also motivation. Give thought to the layout of the office, offer space for privacy and consider adding a place where staff can go for some quiet time if needed. Filling the room with lots of natural light is another great solution.

Implementing some of these techniques into your sales team could take some time and planning, however, it is sure to ultimately boost your sales team's morale and in return, sales are more likely to rise.

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