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1. Discover what makes each individual team member tick

Different personality types are motivated and demotivated by different things, and personality tests such as DiSC can help you identify what will motivate each specific member of your team. In a nutshell, an individual’s DiSC profile will show how much of each of four traits they have – Dominance, influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. Reading their own profile will make your team members aware of their strengths and weaknesses, as well as letting you know which behaviours and management styles will bring out the best in their personality. You can then use this knowledge to keep up morale and job satisfaction, which will help you retain good employees.

2. Provide goals and rewards to inspire your sales team

Setting individual goals for your team members gives them an end point to aim towards. It’s important that these goals are SMARTER – Specific, Measurable, Relevant, and Timebound, as well as Evaluated regularly and Recognised when they are met. If the goals you set aren’t SMARTER, they could have the opposite effect and lower your team’s motivation. Shared rewards can also help inspire employees – for example a team reward day of their choice. These are also good for team building and forming positive working relationships.

3. Create a positive workplace culture

It goes without saying that the culture of your workplace can make or break the attitudes of your team. By creating a culture of trust and accountability, your team will feel empowered to focus and work hard to meet their sales targets. This can be done by showing trust in your employees, and therefore not micromanaging every element of their working day. More and more employers are also recognising the importance of promoting a healthy work/life balance. Whether it’s offering a free gym membership, or simply having flexibility where your employees’ personal goals are concerned, there are always steps you can take to promote this – which will in turn increase happiness and productivity.

We hope these techniques can help you bring out the best in your sales team and therefore manage a successful and thriving business, whatever industry you’re in. To find out more about how our sales training can benefit you – get in contact with us.

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