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Leaders no longer have the luxury of avoiding change. What was your most recent successful change in your organisation? Which recent change did not go so well?

People don't change, they transition. As leaders, it is our job to help our company through this to ensure that the team members transition effectively. communicate the reasons for change, and to enable them to succeed by providing the tools and necessary support.

Here are our top tips on how to lead our teams:

1. Vision driven success

We must have a clear vision, that we can articulate clearly and regularly to our team to grow. Yet, often the trials of a small or medium business can lead us to cloud our vision or change it due to external circumstances. Those who are successful retain their crystal clear vision and march towards it.

2. Leaders are learners!

I was amazed at how many people turned up to the Summit. This was our 4th year and each year we get more and more attendees and the content goes from strength to strength. Although there was a lot of Sandler content - I also had countless books recommended to me that I cannot wait to start. The message was clear to me - Successful people are always in the pursuit of more knowledge. How often are you encouraging your team to learn or read?

3. Players push themselves outside their comfort zone

No one likes pushing outside their comfort zone because its painful, but the top producers in sales, and the great leaders and managers are always doing it. Once attendee explained to me that to her it was just like running - what was once hard and a whole work out is now just your warn up because you keep going on to bigger and better challenges. How many of your team are comfortable? As their leader should you be helping them become uncomfortable?

4. Accountability helps you

Agreeing to your vision and setting a plan is one thing - sticking to it when the going gets tough is quite another. Those who are successful at leading a team understand accountability gets the job done. In your team, who is holding them accountable?

5. Believe you can!

Too often we hold ourselves back with negative thoughts or self limiting beliefs. We think we cannot do certain things, as “this is the way it has always been done.” Think back to when you were a child - you never believed things were not possible, you just believed you could so gave it a try. I would encourage everyone whether in leadership or not to think more of, “What if?” Rather than, “we can’t”.

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