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Our aim is to guide customers to reevaluate their approach to growth.

Often the size and sector of business isn't the factor that holds it back. More often that not, it's a case of changing the attitude and approach. Using the right approach to sales and by implementing the best techniques, the opportunities to win business are endless.

Our top tips for winning new business:

• Putting together a prospecting plan - It's imperative to get the foundation right, to define the sales focus and agree best practice - as well as breaking the large annual sales down into manageable bite sized pieces. Gear the plan towards getting in front of your ideal prospect - it's a lot easier to go out to find clients when you know exactly what you're looking for

• Learn from lessons - Debriefing is imperative, whether a sale goes well or not. If it goes well, analyse why so that lessons can be implemented across the board. If it doesn't go well, identify what could have done better so that you can practice it thoroughly

• The "people element" - If you sound, smell, look and act like every other salesperson your prospect has ever seen, this is how you will be treated. So from the beginning, it's imperative you personalise the whole experience. Focus every meeting on listening to them and their problems. Talking about you and the feature benefits of your product is a one-way track to protracted sales, stalling and objections and ultimately - failure. The amount of sales you make is proportional to the amount of information you gather, not the information you give

• Be picky - Unfortunately some people cannot be pleased - and to boot they can take up huge amounts of your time and resources and then pay you very little in return. Sometimes, it pays to be discerning. In the business world, there will always be time wasters; the trick is to spot them early and not let them waste your most valuable resource - your time

• Relax and enjoy - The sales meeting or the sales calls do not have to be a gritty, hard-won, exhausting experience. You may need to be gutsy for a few seconds at a time, but learn to relax and bring some humour into things.  If you enjoy what you are doing, it comes across in your speech, body language and your whole persona

• Win win - Believe in your business and your product. We are all human at the end of the day and the whole process is infinitely more enjoyable when the buyer and the seller treat each other with equal business stature. The best sales strategy has a screening process whereby the fit between your prospect's needs and your solution is a "win win" for both parties

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