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Beware of the summer sales slump! It can kill small businesses. The summer sales slump is when one assumes the summer means no one does business and puts everything off till September or beyond. It's madness but we can stop the affliction with 3 simple steps.

1. Set Summer Goals

To keep you and your team focused while others are mentally (or physically) clocking off, set some short term goals. Why not have the best summer ever and increase your new business over the next 3 months? Or how about setting some goals on upselling more to your existing customers while they have time to see you over the summer months?

2 . Work a System for Sales

A system makes us more efficient and effective with our time and we should definitely be using one in our sales growth. Working a system means we know where we are and nothing changes no matter whether the sun is out or not!

3. Get Referrals

Referrals are the most effective way at growing our businesses, but we often don’t ask for them or ask enough. The summer is a great time to do this as your clients, referral partners and contacts have a time to meet with you! Set these meetings, maybe take a client for a coffee and ask them who else they can introduce you to - they tend to be happy to help, they just needed a reminder on who was a good introduction.

Watch yourself and your team for the summer sales slump and keep your business growing over the next few months!

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