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4 week series for women determined to grow their leadership skills, but are currently:


  • Worried at finding the right work / life balance
  • Frustrated by having the focus required for the next level but their confidence fails them at the vital moment
  • Unsure how to inspire others to follow them all the time (even on the unpleasant stuff)


It is best placed to work with women entrepreneurs and those about to step up to a leadership role such as management, director or partner.


Week 1: Defining Leadership and developing personal presence

If you want to improve your performance, you must first improve yourself and be certain of where you are going


Week 2: Dealing with Difficult People (and great people too!)

Understand and appreciate different thinking, styles and behavioural preferences


Week 3: Work / Life motivation, and When is it too much?

Reduce stress and anxiety by following a system to find and maintain a healthy work/life balance


Week 4: Tackling the Goblin in your way

Learn how to separate emotion from the workplace and how to tackle self talk


The sessions will run fortnightly 9.30 – 11am Wednesdays in Chipping Norton.  The complete programme is available for £850 + VAT or £300 + VAT per session.

Special launch offer: bring a second lady from the same company for half price. (Group Rates Available)


The full programme also includes an hours coaching at the end to consolidate and reinforce the learnings.

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