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November 20, 2013

by Anneli Thomson, Managing Director

Regardless of how well you performed on the last appointment, you can always do better, right?  It's amazing how many sales and management "pros" lull themselves into believing that there is absolutely nothing they can do or change to improve results.  Average salespeople (i.e. the 60% sandwiched between the winners and strugglers) quickly shirk accountability for the outcome of their actions and behaviours...and average managers accept their excuses. 

Let's face it.  The majority of us come from average stock.  The difference for some, however, is that at some point in their life and career they "get it".  They get the fact that they will never be perfect and strive to get better all the time.  Those that "get it" can admit there is room for improvement and are open to the possibility that they can grow and continually achieve extraordinary results.

Less successful individuals will never get there because they think they are already there!  They have closed themselves off from opportunities to find out just how much better they actually could be and fail to maximize their true potential.


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