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March 12, 2014

Anneli Thomson, Managing Director

A recent article in Mechanical, a magazine for the heating and air conditioning trade, told this story: 

A technician on the roof fixing a chiller was chatting to the building owner as he worked. 

‘You know’, said the owner, ’you’ve fixed this machine so often lately I could have replaced it with the money I spent.  Maybe I should get a price from your company on a new one.’ 

The technician agreed, but did not ask more questions.  Nor did he give the sales department a ‘heads up’ when he got back to the office.  No one followed up or called the customer.  The customer took this silence as a lack of interest and called the competition. They got the replacement job, and sold the owner a maintenance contract on the new equipment.  Not only did the original company lose a sale, they lost a customer!

We don’t expect our technicians to sell, but shouldn’t they at least have ‘sales antennae’ – an ability to recognise a business opportunity when they see one and pass it on to the sales department?  How many sales are we missing because our frontline people have the belief: ‘that’s not my job.’

Often, losing a customer is an invisible process.  It’s not what we do, it’s what we don’t do.

Have you given your customer care team the tools to recognise a business opportunity?


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