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Attracting top talent to your company is a complex ad difficult path often fraught with dangers involving your time and lots of your money. Businesses will always cite taking on new people as one of their biggest worries and also one of their greatest growth enablers. Here are our top 5 tips on how to succeed at hiring winner in your team - no matter what their job role is.

1. Stop relying on CVs

Have you ever put all the CVs you have received for a particular job role and without looking at the names tried to differentiate them from one another? Its hard! CVs now have a very high standard, but it is easy for a candidate to have had help or input into this meaning you are not really getting a true reflection of them.

2. Instead rely on your process

Often in business, we can have a process for most things but not for hiring. We take each hire on an ad hoc basis and prefer to keep it “informal” or change how we recruit depending on the position or experience of the person. A hiring system is worth investing your time in establishing as it will help you to stay third party and non emotional.

3. Beware the happy ears

When it comes to hiring we have to remember the adage, “when something seems too good to be true, it probably is.” As a potential employer, we want to find a great person to join our team. This mean we can sometime not ask the right questions in enough detail. A good way to get round this is to always have two of you involved in the recruiting process so that you can check that you have done your due diligence when it comes to the candidates.

4. Interviews drain your time!

As a busy professional , your time is valuable. Yet, when we are hiring we can spend a large amount of time in interviews with the wrong people. To save your time shift your focus to a solid understanding and detailed description of who you are looking to hire - and not just by their experience. Consider the attitudes they need to maintain along with the habits they hold and the results they have driven so far in their career.

5. Assess, assess, assess

The number one way to hire winners is to have a third party evaluation to base your opinion on or double check that gut feel. It needs to be competency based rather than personality and be role specific. It should also be done as early on in the process as possible because there is not point investing your valuable time in interviewing someone who then scores poorly on this where all other A players in your organisation have scored highly. In the long term, it is unlikely this candidate will fit and grow into their potential in your team.

Although hiring is hard, with a small few changed you can succeed in it and bring great people into your business.

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