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We are either growing or shrinking, there is no status quo. Every company would like more business coming in, but often feel helpless around what they and their team can do to win more business, We have 3 easy steps to help you so read on.

1. Control the sale

This sounds simple but takes guts, courage and a solid understanding of the psychology of sales. Controlling the sale means you can control when the process starts, stops and the direction it moves in. Many sales people don’t believe they have a right to control the sale, so the first step is to change your attitude. Understand you have a right to control this - in fact by controlling the sale you are helping your prospect through this decision.

2. Go for No!

This is another paradigm shift for many professionals. We often believe that the customer is king or our product or service can help everyone. Yet, when it comes to winning more business we need to see that a no is as good as a yes. If we are told no, we can go and spend more time with people who are going to buy from us. A strong qualification process makes us more efficient with our time rather than a busy fool!

3. Set Clear Next Steps

The biggest challenge we can face when it comes to winning more business is allowing wishy -washy next steps. An example of a clear next step is agreeing the time and date of the next interaction - whether is it a call or a face-to-face meeting. Sometimes we can confuse this with something that sounds similar like when the prospect says, “call me on Tuesday at any time.” This is a prospect being polite but there is no commitment here. It needs the sales person to take a deep breath as ask for that exact time to get the clear next step in place. To get this they could ask, “I’d love to call you on Tuesday, but I know we will both be busy. What time would work best for you?”

With these three tips, you can take your steps forward in how to succeed at winning more business.

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