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Hiring & Recruiting Services

Sandler Training has a wealth of knowledge in the recruitment and hiring of sales, sales managers and customer service staff. From the successful structuring of the interview process to assessment driven hiring and our unique Hiring Smarter Process, we ensure businesses hire with ease and peace of mind. 

Turn Key Solution

Our most popular request from many of our clients has been to automate the recruitment, screening and selection process. When you add up all the time spent on sorting through resumes, phone screenings and face-to-face interviews with poor candidates, our clients wanted this automated. We listened.

Hiring Smarter Toolkit

Many companies struggle with recruiting and hiring and often do not have a set process or an HR Department to help them with this. Our program and process where we teach you our Hiring Smarter Process. From developing the advertisement, screening, interviewing and on-boarding, we work with you to teach this process. You walk away with a defined recruitment and hiring process you can use on any and all positions in your organisation.


Often, many companies “hire with the gut” only to be disappointed on candidate performance once hired. The science is here to support the use of assessments in the screening process. Many of our clients use our assessments as part of their hiring process.

Interview Right

Many of our clients simply want to develop the basic skills needed to conduct successful structured behavioural interviews. This cutting edge training tool will train Human Resources and hiring Managers how to carefully and appropriately select an organisations most valuable asset. Its people.

A La Carte Services

We also work with companies, who have a pretty good recruitment process, however struggle with screening candidates or interviewing and selection. We often help with this to assist with hiring and selection.

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