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People buy emotionally - What does it mean? It means that people make buying decisions emotionally; they justify these decisions intellectually. To further understand this concept, it helps to know who is making the decisions and who is justifying the decisions.

The psychological theory of Transactional Analysis tells us that there are three ego states within each of us:

1. parent

2. adult

3. child

In his best selling book, I’m OK - You’re OK, author Thomas Harris says, “It is as if within each person there is the same little person he was when he was three years old. There are also within him his own parents. These are recordings in the brain of which happened in the first five years of his life.”

Unfortunately, our critical parent is always around, telling us what we should and should not do.

Our child is the emotional being within us; whenever we are mad, sad, glad, or scared, we are in our child ego state.

And lastly, the adult is the logical, rational, decision making, information seeking part of our makeup; never emotional, always carefully weighing the pros and cons of any situation.

For your prospect to decide to buy from you, the child in him has to get emotionally involved in the process.

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