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“The members of our sales force had different backgrounds and styles and we were looking for a way to unify the team and develop a common approach,” explains Jamie Nichols, Vice President Sales, OmPrompt. “Sandler has helped us to achieve that unity and create a strong structure to drive forward our sales effort.”


Established in 2004 and growing at an impressive 30% per year, the Oxford, UK-based company pioneered customer automation management. It provides a range of services using its own software, processes and people and has already extended its reach in the processing of order-to-cash transactions for leading brands in 33 countries.


“We have a compelling service offering but needed to develop a structure and a common terminology that moved us from starting the customer conversation to determining whether we can do business together,” says Jamie. “We deal with big brands on a global scale. Our clients are interested in what we can provide and excited by it. Our sales force need to take that excitement and turn it into action for our clients. Shaun Thomson (CEO of Sandler Training in the UK) brought not just an understanding of the sales process but a background of how to apply it to a technical enterprise base.”


Kicking off in June 2012, members of OmPrompt’s sales team attended Sandler Boot Camp and are regulars at the weekly President’s Club.


Boot camp was an intense two days and the group spent time talking about the future direction of both the company and the sales operation. Bonding as a team, they learnt a great deal about themselves and each other and were able to use this positive experience as a springboard to developing a new sales culture.


“There is no doubt that as a result of Sandler’s training, the team has changed its whole approach to the sales process,” remarks Jamie. “They see themselves as business professionals and are much more confident. Importantly, they are fully equipped to ask customers some of the more challenging questions which as businesses we need to discuss. This would not happen with a less experienced team. Sandler has given us the structure to help us align with prospects and work together.”


“There are many reasons to recommend Sandler but I would single out a primary benefit. Their training is not about some sales technique or tactic. There are no tricks involved. It’s about developing as a mature business person and helping people by providing the best solutions.”


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