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We have the training and the tools that can assist you with every aspect of your business

Oxfordshire companies we work with tell us they face challenges such as:

  • Frustrations at how to differentiate candidates when recruiting
  • Worries that your team don’t always gel together
  • Uncertainties at how to tailor a professional and personal development plan for your key staff members

gain maximum benefit from training

Why Assess Your Team?

Several assessment tools are utilized by Sandler® trainers to help each individual client gain maximum benefit from the training experience. Our assessment tools help our clients to better understand their own very unique strengths as well as those areas in need of development. Specific training and coaching of the client is then customized to fit each individual’s growth plan. Additionally, reassessing the client after a period of training gauges the improvement made in specific areas.

identify, understand & promote successful behaviors

Extended DISC

Sandler’s partnership with Extended DISC North America provides Sandler trainers with a web-based tool to help individuals and organizations identify, understand and promote successful behaviors.  The DISC profile allows you to better understand yourself and to find the most successful way to communicate with prospects, clients and internal team members.

analysis of individuals and teams

The Devine Inventory

The Devine Inventory is a customizable, scalable web-based tool for the analysis of individuals and teams.  It gives business owners and managers a great advantage in hiring and retaining the best people, and in getting peak performance from individuals.