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Latitude Solutions are a London based business to business marketing and design agency focused on improving client’s businesses. Our aim is quite simply to understand exactly what they want to achieve and then create the strategy and the structure to do just that.

When I met Luke Davies MD of Sandler Training in the City of London, I was suffering from a lack of focus.  I had too many things going on and not enough attention being delivered to any one project in particular. Luke challenged my thinking and beliefs on the pricing model for our company’s expertise. As a consequence we increased our prices and gratifyingly attracted a ten fold increase in business volume. I personally changed some of my old negative patterns of thinking and began to consciously choose to work only with clients who were serious about what they wanted to achieve.

Luke also challenged the limitations in my goals and now I focus on the projects that need to be done, in both business and life to achieve far more ambitious outcomes. By using the Sandler Material I broke everything down to small steps that could be done regularly and with consistency. Understanding my own style of personality and behaviour was also key, I found that I am what would be described as a high I in the DISC assessment model which means I have a high need for approval and I used to take things personally in business and this could spill into my personal life. I now manage my time and myself with some real structure. I have given up smoking, drinking and caffeine; I do a daily attitude journal and create a list of jobs that need to be done and just do them.


When I meet people I haven’t seen for a while they are literally stunned by the changes they see in me. For me from now on, Discipline=Freedom and the Sandler material has been life changing. It is really odd as I thought I was going on a sales course but I got so much more than that. I have been challenged and have had to think about what do I really want to achieve in life? Self-worth, personal life, business – Sandler has given me a route I can apply to everything and the results speak for themselves. Last year we trebled the turnover of the business and we will double again this year. I have larger more exciting goals; I want to set up a not- for- profit organisation and I now have the strategy and process to get there. I have high expectations for our company and my future. The Sandler Training methodology and the support of a great trainer handed me a recipe for success.



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