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On 23rd June 2016 Britain voted to leave the European Union.  Whether you were a leave or remain voter, the country has had its say. As the political leaders jostle for position, the economy is not fairing well.   The outcome of the referendum has profound implications for business trading in the UK.  Right now, we have two choices - to sit on our hands and see what happens or to take decisive action and lead our companies forward. If the latter sounds more like you, then the next question is, “where do I start?” Read on to see our top 3 tips because any business can have a solid summer, revenue wise, if we choose to.


  1. Be a Leader. 

Employees are looking around, wondering what shape their futures will take.  They need to believe their company, their jobs and their Britain have a future.  Now is the time to step forward and let your teams be part of the plan for moving forward in this uncertain time.  You never know, they might even come up with better ideas than you!

  1. Increase Prospecting

Already we are heading into the summer holidays - a time when sales people tell you, “its not a good time to make calls” or, “people are switched off and don't want to meet over the summer.” Now Brexit bring another wave of worry and excuse making - some of which will sound very plausible. The best thing to do to overcome all of this is to set your team more prospecting to do… because your competitors won’t be.

  1. Upskill Your Team.

Your people need to know that you are planning to continue to trade and grow the business.  Investing in your team, which can be from a book to a training course, shows them they are important and that you are optimistic about the future.  Your confidence brings them confidence which in turns gives your clients confidence.


Sandler Training are holding a series of event this summer to equip business leaders to manage the uncertainty this summer.  The first is on the 14th July for more information click here.



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