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Sadly, the short answer is a little more complicated than yes or no, however, during this short insights article, we aim to provide you with advice for Sales Managers looking to discuss ‘back to work’ plans with their sales teams.

With the current global pandemic still active, the decision to return back to the workplace isn’t a light one and can be met with backlash. This is why it is incredibly important to glean honest insights from your team first.

A great way to get an overall idea on how your team feels about potentially returning back to the office during a pandemic is to consider the following suggestions we have outlined below. This way, you will have enough information gathered from your team to make a decision that is best for everyone.

Suggestion 1: Get Insights and Feedback from your team

Understandably for many, returning to work during these uncertain times can be an incredibly stressful decision to make. With each individual potentially having multiple reasons for or against returning to the workplace, it is important to collate and understand everyone's feedback. To do this, we suggest producing a short survey that can be handed around the team anonymously so that people feel they can be truly transparent.

Suggestion 2: Talk to your team and carry out regular check ups

One of the current benefits to working in isolation is that you can carry out private and regular check ups with each member of your sales team rather effectively. We highly recommend you carry these out on a regular basis to ensure your team feels supported and understood. Regular catch ups will also provide you with an understanding of the general consensus - this feedback is pivotable for a successful transition back to the workplace.

Suggestion 3: Set SMART goals based off of the feedback given

After feedback has been provided, considered and agreed, it is now time for you and your team to look at ways in which you can incorporate the points, being sure that they align with your workplace strategy. This can be achieved by setting out SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reasonable and Timely). These goals will provide your team with a clear path on the objectives required in order to achieve the best outcome.

Suggestion 4: Be clear, transparent and encourage questions

Even with detailed feedback, regular updates and SMART goals in place, many sales team members may still be unsure as to how returning back to the workplace will happen. This is completely natural and in many ways should be expected. As a Sales Manager, it is important to remain clear, transparent and understanding to each member of your sales team during these rather confusing times. A great way to help your employees understand the next steps is to provide them with a PDF document or handbook clearly outlining the new processes agreed upon.

Remember, treat each team member as an individual, it is important to listen to their needs and concerns in order to make the very best and smoothest transition back to your workplace. If you enjoyed this article and are interested in reading another, why not read our previous article linked here?

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